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Nous Digital Publishing Platform answers all your questions

It is normal to have questions. In this section we try to answer to the most frequent. Don`t hesitate to use the form below and ask anything. We will be happy to add the answer here.

Yes. Our creative team consists of developers and artists that are able to create magic for you. Contact us for your request.

The answer to the first question is yes and to the second is 90% yes. We hear every request and we add for free the most reusable to help Nous grow and become even better tool than it is now. If your request is extreme, we will discuss it and find a fair solution for both Nous developers and your company.

Yes you can. You can host your files anywhere. Just make a good deal with a provider and you`re done. We could advice you and support you on this as long as you are our customers.

There is not such option just yet. You must contact our team, view a demonstration of the platform live and make a real good and unique deal according to your needs. If you want to publish 10 magazines you will pay a minimum total price against the customer that will work on Nous for only one publication.

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