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Nous is a Digital Publishing Platform for Web, Tablets and Mobile devices


  • Publishing
  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Business
  • Marketing

aboutusNous Publishing Platform gives you all the necessary tools you need to publish interactive digital editions that entertain and engage the users. The platform offers a unique experience and enables its customers to enhance their publications by adding videos, audio, animations, social media feeds, interactive elements, free push notifications and many more. The platform also feeds back detailed analytics about readers’ behavior!


(only a few of) NOUS UNIQUE FEATURES

  • DTP Platform independence
  • View Counter by page and users attitude
  • No Download Charges
  • 100% Customizable application
  • Buy it off for ever
  • Messages to users is free and easy
  • Social Sharing unlimited options
  • Add articles to favorites



of US mags go digital inside 2013


ipads by September 2012


smart devices / possible clients

49% women

vs 51% male users on tables